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Variable Speed Pumps - a smart upgrade

Reduce your energy costs now! Contact us today to find out more about upgrading your standard pool pump to variable speed pump today. 


Discover the cost savings!


Icon Pool Care can supply any equipment or upgrade for your pool and spa. Our skilled installation technicians frequently attend manufacturer training courses to ensure that their knowledge and understanding is completely up-to-date.  They can install the latest advancements in pool and spa technologies. We partner with all the major pool equipment manufacturers and  the products we supply all offer full manufacturer warranties.

From Automation to Lighting, we can supply & install it


SALT SYSTEMS - Find out more about changing your chlorine pool to a salt pool by having us install a salt system. Your skin and hair will love you for it!

LED LIGHTING - Bring your pool to life at night with LED Lighting that can all be controlled from an app on your phone.

AUTOMATION - Let us install an automation system so that you will have total control over your pool equipment using your phone or tablet. Switch on your heater remotely so that spa is just the right temperature when you arrive home. 


There are obviously going to be requirements for pool and spa repairs throughout the year - your pool equipment is constantly at work. Icon Pool Care also offers a Preventative Maintenance program that will help to keep your pool equipment running at optimum levels throughout the year.  Contact us to find out more...


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