Any size, any budget

A typical pool and spa renovation takes 4 - 5 days, depending on the size and extent of your pool area.  The pool and spa interior can be refinished to add brightness and consistency to the finish. We can even add colored glass to the pool finish so that it sparkles at night time under LED lighting. Deck pavers can be replaced with new brickwork or travertine. Features such as Pentair Magic Bowls can add light and interest to any pool or deck area.

In town, or out, let us guide you through the renovation process, from start to end. The Icon Pool Care designer can create a 3D model video that will allow you to really see what your renovated pool will look like after completion.  Our design expert will work with you and suggest tiles and other materials that you will then love for many years to come. The attention to design detail that we offer will ultimately contribute to a positive outcome when your project is completed. If you’re interested in refreshing the look of your old pool, Icon will help you get started.  We encourage you to give us a call at 239.3154161 and we’ll help answer your questions.

Small Transformations

This client had a twenty-year old pool and spa that was starting to develop problems. A small leak had formed around the main drain. All the coping had lifted completely and landscaping features (palm trees) had outgrown their planter homes next to the spa and pool. The spa had defective glass blocks at the front which required replacement. The client really needed a cost-effective renovation solution that would look attractive.

Rather than simply replace like for like, we decided to build up the front of the spa so that a normal spillway would be achieved. Glass tiles that complimented the rest of the pool were chosen so that the renovated spa would enhance its surroundings. The pool was also refinished in Florida Stucco pebble.