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Certified with a full Florida State License for swimming pool maintenance and construction, Icon Pool Care offers both residential and commercial pool service solutions. In addition to standard cleaning, we also repair and install equipment (such as heaters, salt systems, pumps, etc.), conduct pool inspections for home owners and provide a full renovation/design service.  

Our standard monthly pool service includes the following:

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning Visit

  • Weekly Skimming of pool

  • Brush walls and floor as needed

  • Weekly Checking / balancing of chemicals

  • Weekly Pool Equipment check

  • Weekly Emptying of your skimmer basket

  • Clean tiles as needed

  • Monthly Vacuum 

  • Monthly Filter Cartridge clean

  • Email report after each visit

Icon Pool Care also services COMMERCIAL POOLS.


A Comprehensive Pool Care Company


Icon Pool Care builds, services, renovates and repairs pools and equipment. We price pool cleaning based on several factors - each pool is different. The STANDARD service includes a once-per-month vacuum. Our SILVER service guarantees a bi-monthly vacuum and if you upgrade to GOLD service then your pool and spa are vacuumed each week.

Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers 


Pool repairs and general service is not something that a pool owner wants to delay for long. A small system error can cause any pool system to cease to function properly and result in a loss of water clarity, etc. If there is something that you feel may not be right or you see something that is wrong, you need to call Icon Pool Care right away. There is nothing worse than a small problem that quickly becomes a big problem. Any issue can be resolved if we know about it. We have a team of qualified service and repair technicians.

Pumps, Motors, Heaters, Control Systems, Lighting and Salt Systems

Icon Pool Care is approved by all the major pool equipment manufacturers to install their products. We regularly supply and install pool pumps (including the cost-saving variable speed pump by Pentair), pool heaters, salt systems, pool motors, filters, etc. Should your pool start to lose water then we can also investigate the cause. We offer a full leak detection and repair service. 

Green Pool Emergencies


If your pool has been neglected and is looking unhappy, we can make an emergency call to treat it. Green algae can take hold fast (it’s often caused by water heat evaporation, new water being added to the pool, excessive rainfall – anything that dilutes the chemicals in the pool water to make them less effective). If you see your pool turning green, don’t delay. Don’t worry either – it’s always fixable. Whether it is cleaning, a small repair or renovating the pool from the ground up, it can be done quickly, easily and for and reasonable and fair price.

Inspections and Leak Detections

Moving house? Need a comprehensive pool/spa inspection? Our Inspection Supervisor can produce a detailed site inspection that identifies any issues with the equipment, leaks, etc.  Contact Icon Pool Care today on 239-315-4161 to find out how we can assist.



If you're new to owning a swimming pool, or just want to understand how it all works, Icon Pool Care can provide a 60 minute pool school workshop at your home. This will explain the mechanics and operation of your equipment set and some simple troubleshooting ideas. You will learn about how the chemicals work, testing the water, operating the heater, etc. Please inquire to find out more about this opportunity.



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